Thursday, October 1, 2009

October :)

New month, new stuff going on. I've started a blog for 8pizza (and we are having contests & giveaways all the time so check it out)! Princess is done with swimming lessons and is going to the casting class for her dance studio's annual Christmas program tomorrow. Flu shots will be complete this week (just the regular ones folks, no need to panic) and October is jam-packed with great things like:

* My friend Michelin is having her twice a year Ladies Night Out at her bookstore (which happens to be where we hold our writing group) on Saturday the 3rd from 4-7!

* Next Thursday I head off to the Northwest women's American Night Writers Association retreat at Silver Lake! And I've been asked to do a writing exercise presentation! There are still spots available, so let me know if you want to come! It's very reasonably priced and we have a great time. Changed my life last year!

* My husband gets Columbus Day off :)

* Thursday the 15th, I am hosting an Arbonne party with Nicole, with the proceeds going to the orphanage that Michelle's little girls live: Hope for Little Angels of Haiti--so please let me know if you'd like to attend or order so I can get you an invite! Michelle will be headed to Haiti to see Destina and Avrie the very next day, but said she should be able to come! Nicole has also said that any party booked from this one will be able to do the same thing--donate the proceeds to the orphanage!

Other than that, we are just busy. Princess is reading more words each day and Bear is speaking in these amazing, complete sentences. They are tall and healthy and happy, and I am grateful.