Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Winners for Days 7, 8 & 9!!! And my week so far...

Day 7 - Heather Justesen of Utah
Day 8 - Valerie Bongards of Germany
Day 9 - June Kirk of ?

Congratulations ladies! Lots of fun stuff being won these days :)

Ran some errands, caught a couple sales and picked up some great stuff from Craig-listers for inventory! Watch for hard-to-find toys of the prehistoric variety come Christmas-time!

Home. Had a headache and so I didn't get as much done as I hoped, but I ordered some great new baby & toddler girl dress sets for 8pizza, and chatted with Amanda a bunch. She challenged me to work out 40 minutes this week, and I did get myself together and exercise for 25 minutes! For dinner we had our own version of The Samoan with thinly sliced red onions and sadly, no provolone. We used a Boboli crust, which was fine, but their sauce packet was horrifying with this combo and we . . . won't be doing that again. Next time I will use a sweeter, spicier sauce. All in all it was good, but I now understand why the Flying Pie doesn't put onions on theirs!

Dropped off the stuff for The HFPE Summer Social invitations to the lady taking care of them, took Princess to dance class, picked up lunch and came home. Cleaned the kitchen, started the laundry. Prepped for dinner by making tuna salad and chopping toms and lettuce to add to it on our whole wheat tortillas for dinner, and slicing watermelon to eat with it. Tonight my husband has a meeting after I have a meeting, so I'm hoping the kids go to sleep quick and easy and I can get at least a 15 minute workout in!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Winners of DAy 5 & 6 and My Weekend!

Woohoo! Day 5 winner is Wendy Steed of Idaho and Day 6 winner--winner of MY gift certificate to 8pizza on eBay--is Gayle Oreluk of Illinois! Congratulations ladies!

Saturday was great! Spent the day travelling and visiting with my family and playing on the beach. I miss the beach so much! There just aren't huge stretches of easily accessible sandy beaches here. One of the few drawbacks of my current fair city!

Sunday has been nice! Gorgeous weather, nice dinner with my husband and kids after a spiritual day at church. Looking forward to a new week with lots to do and some fun stuff as well!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Winners of Day 3 & Day 4 and My Friday!

Okay! So I fell of the blog wagon yesterday. Sorry everyone.

Day 3--Debbie Lambson of Utah

Day 4--Gloria Lyons of Michigan

Woohoo! You ladies ROCK!

Cooler today. I planned to be home all day, but Craigslist called . . . Some transactions just don't go as well as you hope, and I ended up having to explain to Princess on the way home what the phrase "ripped off" means. Ah well.

We stopped at one yardsale too, and she got a transformer and I picked up a couple Gap boys shirts. They had a ton of baby clothes too, but they were all on a blanket on the ground (my absolute LEAST favorite way to peruse clothing), which still would not have deterred me except that their were fleas jumping all over the place! I could see them! I was creeped beyond belief! Needless to say, I said "no" to the stuffed animal requests and paid fast and high-tailed me kids to the car. Not to worry, the shirts I bought were on the other side of the yard, hanging on a rack, and owned by someone other than the baby clothing seller. Ew. Still feeling crawly.

Other than that, we had an Italian dinner, with more mini mozzarella ball excitement. I have these great olive tongs (mine are not as cute as those pictured), and I was using them for the cheese as they're just the right size. Baby Bear freaked out. He wanted the tongs. He wanted the tongs and the cheese. He did not want to eat the cheese with his fingers or with a fork, he wanted to eat the mini mozzarellas with the tongs. He climbed on the table and prostrated himself in his desire for the tongs. We gave him the tongs. He spent the next twenty minutes making us laugh into our napkins at the hilarity of this little kid trying to get the ball into the tongs, the tongs into his mouth, release the ball from the tongs and then attempting to extract the tongs (which were now sprung open) from his mouth and repeating the process.

Yay! Road trip tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Treasure Hunt Day Two Winner and My Wednesday

And the winner is . . .

Phyllis Lamken of Idaho!

Congratulations Phyllis!

Long, hot day today. Took Princess to dance class and mailed a few packages. Went to the massage therapist. As I was driving home I saw my friend Joan, walking. I picked her up and dropped her off at her massage appointment! That was funny.

These days I am mostly working on sorting out the new inventory I brought home from my trip--I've got some wonderful stuff and I can't wait to get it listed! Anything you're looking for? When do you start shopping for Fall clothes? There are lots of theories on this at the seller's board I am part of, but I thought I'd ask some "real" (non-seller) people :)

Princess spent the day adoring her new "pet" seahorse. She found a little plastic one she got last year and decided today it was her most favorite thing in the world. We even had to google what seahorses needed to be happy in their habitats . . . in case you wonder; sea sponges and shrimp to eat, stuff to curl their tails around, and stuff to hide behind. She spent hours today creating a habitat for it.

"Habitat" is one of her favorite words these days, and tonight at dinner we had some fresh mini mozzarella balls from Costco which concerned her because they were in a tub of liquid. Worried her until I told her that it was just what they needed to stay fresh and delicious. Then she says:

"Ah. So it's their habitat?"

"Sort of."

"That's great! I bet they are soooo happy in their little habitat! And we want them to be happy little mozzarella balls, right Mom?"

Right. I hate it when my midnight snacks are grumpy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Treasure Hunt Day One Winner and My Tuesday

And the Day One winner of our Summer Treasure Hunt is Terry Fleming! Congratulations, Terry!

It was a long, hot day, which we gratefully spent at home. Breakfast, snack time, lunch, snack time, naps (sadly not for mommy), snack time, dinner, playing in the mud in the back yard (and the baby tracking it in for Daddy to clean up), baths, stories, favorite things and bedtime. Nice.

I got most of the laundry done today, caught up from the trip. I am down to a pair of canvas shoes, the bath mats, one whites/lights load and a pair of my husband's black socks which can't go in with any of the previously mentioned items.

I did good on my Most Important Stuff, better than I have lately anyway. Drank 64 ounces of water. Wrote 100 words. Wrote in my journal. Made dinner (melon, steamed broccoli, mac & cheese with hot dogs--hey, it's better than McDonald's right?). Still have high hopes for a 15 minute work out (just cleaned up the living room, which is the most important indicator of whether I will exercise or not) and a few minutes a scripture study.

Yesterday I drove the new van, who's name is Ruby Kke (not a typo, pronounced Kiki), around doing errands yesterday and totally felt like the captain of my own starship :) I think it is going to work, and the novelty of the doors opening and closing by themselves has not worn off yet!

Got to talk to my sister at length, who is now engaged and trying to navigate the bizarre seas of planning weddings that involve masses of bits and pieces of families, and budgets, and what everyone else wants her to do and what she wants to do. She's so adorable about it and I'm so glad that she's mine :)

We'll be taking the car, who's name is Sky Blue Kke (even though it is really sort of dark turquoise) to my sister's this weekend and I am excited to see my hometown--it has been almost 9 months since I was there last and I miss seeing my family and my growing-up place.

More tomorrow. You know I really signed up for this contest to force myself to blog every single freaking day for a month, right? I'm hoping it will form a habit :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yay! Check out the contest!

Okay, so I write, but my contribution to the contest created by Joyce has nothing to do with writing :) Check it out though and have some fun--there are some great things there! Additionally, if you post a comment under the contest entry on my blog, I'll give you free first class shipping on any one item from my eBay store during the month of June!

Just comment on the entry titled "Summer Treasure Hunt: Dig For Clues and Win!" and then shop at my store 8pizza on eBay during the month of June and one item ships free! After your purchase, request an invoice and tell me you want to use coupon code TREASURE! Logo is courtesy of my dear husband who whipped it up for me in time for the contest--thanks sweetheart! Sorry it's not a button--I haven't figured that out yet :)

In other news, I have started planning the kids' birthday parties for August, and working on a great theme for our church ladies' summer social this month. I promise to add info on our Night Writer's publication and an image of the cover too this week :) I had a great little trip with the kids over memorial day weekend, and in spite of having to purchase a new dryer and a new vehicle last month to replace our dead and dying ones, we are still planning to travel in July--want to see us and live in OR, WA, CA, ID, AZ or UT? Drop me a line! We might be able to swing it!