Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Laugh or cry

There are days when one or the other is not enough. You must do both. Today has been one of those days. We are feeling better and so got up early, got kids and self dressed and in car and off for busy day of errands, etc. Stopped at the Baker's Breakfast Cookie outlet store to get cookies for my husband to re-stock his supply at work. I buy what they call the "uglies" which are half price.

Had to wait because office girl was late unlocking door. Parking lot had other people waiting too, so we nodded cordially as people waiting in line together tend to do. FREEZING cold by the way.

~This is the point you want to stop at if the mention if kid barf makes you nauseous~

As we are sitting patiently in the car, Princess throws up her breakfast. Gratefully it was not digested, so it only smelled like apple juice and granola bar. Clean her up. Clean car up. Throw everything in trash bags in the trunk. Make note to add Febreze and Woolite Oxyclean to emergency supplies in the trunk. Wrap her in quilt from the trunk.

Get cookies. Head toward the Costco pump station to at least get gas before heading home to wash it all. We'll be skipping dance class today I think. I momentarily wonder if this was a fluke and possibly I should simply continue with the errands so as not to throw off the rest of the week's schedule. Then I picture her upchucking in the grocery store. Or the consignment store. Or on the nice sample lady at Costco who leads our church choir. We'll be headed home after getting gas.

I turn into Costco parking lot. Baby Bear throws up his breakfast. Sadly, it was pretty digested. I peeled off his clothes, strapped him into the front seat with the seat belt (which he thought was quite novel) so I could wipe down the car seat with anti-bacterial wipes in the sub-zero weather. Re-dressed him in the spare clothes I keep in the diaper bag and stuck him back into the car-seat and headed home without the gas.

We did stop at Jack in the Box because Princess insisted only french fries would make her stomach feel better.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A New Tradition

A few years back, my friend Allie invited me to a gingerbread house making party. In February. We used all Valentine's Day candies and it turned out great! I found a photo of my house a few months back (although I can not find it now) and Princess was totally enthralled with it. She carried it around for days (which is probably why I can't find it now).

I wanted to do gingerbread at Christmas, but we were just too busy... so I agreed to a Valentine's Day gingerbread extravaganza. We used graham crackers and this icing and general pattern. It was so fun and we will definitely do this again. These were the results! The first one is Papa's, the second one is Princess' and the last one is Mama's. As you can see, Papa choose a slightly less conventional design :)