Friday, February 29, 2008

How many years ago was I engaged?

My husband asked me to marry him on Leap Day in 1996! We were married the following September and it has been an amazing twelve (yes 1-2) years. I've always been confused about how you count leap year days though. Votes? How many engagement anniversaries have I had? I want to do something special (since we don't get to celebrate it often) but haven't yet decided what to do. Maybe I'll make my husband's favorite comfort food: Hamburger Helper.

Our engagement story is silly. He spent the day pestering me, asking me continually if there was something I wanted to ask him. Finally, while he was at his desk studying and I was hanging out reading a book, he pounced and said he had a question for me...then he asked and I said yes :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.
-The Hausa of Nigeria
Well, we're all sick. Me and the baby bear have the worst of it and I feel bad for him if he feels like I do which is horrible. If my throat doesn't feel better by tomorrow I think I'll be heading in to the doctor. Cough, congestion, sore throat, general misery galore here.

Last night I used another Dream Dinner - fruit & nut stuff pork roast, and added baked potatoes, green beans and pears as a side. It was pretty good, but the stuffing was a bit stronger than I liked, even with a stuffy nose. I buy Dream Dinners when they send me a $20 off coupon and have a special "chef's treat" session where they do the assembly and all you do is pick it up. That sort of seems to be contrary to their point, which is for you to come make your own meals. I use about one per week and it is so nice to have a break from prep work and thinking about what to do next. It averages out to be about $15-$20 per 6 servings from them, but they are generous in size and they feed me, my husband and Princess for two meals, which makes the alternative on days when I am busy and/or tired (fast food) close to equal or more than the cost. This way, the meal is healthier and includes good leftovers! It is an indulgence of sorts...I don't typically make meals which cost quite that much, but I'm grateful for it!

Baby Bear is crawling! He has 2 teeth! He eats people food (more than just eating me even) and today I found him pulled up to his knees on the ottoman and trying to get a foot under him to push up. Won't be long I don't think!

Princess is in a serious questioning phase. I think she asked me in excess of 400 questions yesterday and that is not meant as an exaggeration. From "What does 'we' mean?" to "what are rocks made of". It exhausts me, but it's also delightfully amazing to see what she thinks about. Her questions are a window to her brain and it's a beautiful brain indeed.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

February catch up

I so wanted to post more in February, but the month got away from me. The weather has finally turned warmer and the kids and I are getting out more these days, which is great. We all have miserable colds as of last night though, so sadly, I think church will have to wait another week.

Valentine's Day was nice. My husband remembered flowers and cards for the three of us & a big box of chocolate for mama. Packages came from both of my parents which included some junk food and lots of fun stuff for the kids. It was a pretty low-key day, and I made Princess a Valetine's Day lunch she loved of red anjou pears cut like a heart, red organic corn chips & a toasted, heart-shaped, almond butter and lingonberry jam sandwhich.

Princess choose the dinner menu: asparagus (which she'd only heard of), roasted turkey (okay so we did chicken since it is hard to find a whole turkey for a reasonable price in February), garlic mashed potatoes & gravy (my husband's favorite), caprese salad, more red pear slices, fresh rolls, and sparkling cranberry juice. It was all good, but the caprese salad was amazing--the ingredients were fresh and wonderful.

We also had cookies that we made and sent to my family from the recipe I posted in January. We did three varieties: cranberry with white chocolate, blueberry with milk & white chocolate, and chocolate caramel coconut pecan. We made 15 dozen and everyone we gave them to said nice things.