Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Local language & Garden update

An Internet group I belong to has been discussing proposals and engagement stories and it got me thinking about me own engagement and it got me thinking about girl-ask-guy dances (etc.), which led me to search for the word Tolo. In the small Pacific Northwest town I grew up in that was what the Sadie Hawkins' Day type dances were always called and a vaguely wondered why, but not enough to ever ask anyone. I never attended one anyway, so it didn't matter much to me.

Anyway, so today I type it in and head to the Wikipedia answer and am startled. This term is completely geographically local and it has a rich and interesting history! It comes from a local "language" called Chinook Jargon, which was a trading language used by the coastal Native American tribes (and other people as they moved in) from Canada to Oregon up through the first part of the century. I was surprised to find out the words muckymuck (as in high mucky-muck) and hooch (as in home made liquor) are part of this language and have become common in other parts of the country as well--probably made so by traders. Totally random, but very cool!

Our veggie peeler died. We needed a new one. We went to Target and found this one!It is the sharpest thing I've ever peeled with, is ergonomic to the max and is a visual delight to use. I've begun to brighten up my kitchen drawers as my old black plastic dollar store cooking utensils fall apart and I have to say that my new red spatula cheers me considerably at breakfast time. I've made pancakes more times since I got it then I have in my entire adult life! After twelve years of marriage, some stuff just wears out--like the kitchen things you brought to the union!

Garden update!


Melody said...

Lara, your garden looks spectacular! Hmm, I wonder if buying new utensils would motivate me to cook more in this hot weather? :)

The Tobler bunch said...

You have the gift...the green thumb is oozing out of ya! I have yet to gain such a gift and skills for gardening. Keep it up! My excuse is that I am growing children and someday I will grow a garden.

Mary Ann said...

I love to learn! Thank you for teaching me something:)

Lauriel said...

You have a beautiful garden!