Monday, September 6, 2010

It's been a year...

But I think I'm back to blogging for good. I shouldn't promise though I suppose, given my track record. What's happened in the last year?

Bear and Princess are 3 and 7, respectively. I love it and it freaks me out. They're awesome children and I still love being their mama. We had a science party and a robot party!

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary! We're relaxing and had a nice brunch with scrambled eggs made of leftover smoked salmon from my sister's wedding reception and fresh basil from the garden (okay, the garden is really a series of pots in the driveway this year). I am more in love with my adorable husband than ever before and I'm looking forward to the next 14 :)

I closed the 8pizza eBay business in July. I found it was taking way too much time away from the people and things I really love and really feel a calling to be taking care of--my family & my writing to name just the top two. I was a little sad but not much. To say I was ready for the change would be an understatement.

I got my baby sister married off this summer--I'm so proud of her beauty, strength and tenacity and I'm glad to have her husband as part of our family. She had a beautiful, very small ceremony aboard the M.V. Lotus and a delightful gathering at her home a month later.

We spent Christmas 2009 in Idaho with my mom and grandmother, and returned in May for a Memorial Day picnic but other than that we really haven't travelled much except up to British Columbia a couple times since the new temple opened in April.

Princess just started ballet again and we'll be entering 2nd grade tomorrow. We're still homeschooling and my husband and I will be taking the "official" certification class which will "qualify" us to home school our children in Washington state, starting on Wednesday at the local community college. It will be 3 1/2 hours, 3 times a week for 2 weeks and we're so grateful for amazing friends who are playing with the kids while we do this.

I'm currently still working with our Night Writers writing group and we put together volume 2 of Night Writers' Ink in the spring. I'm writing most days, working on poetry, novels and fan fiction depending on how I feel. I'm the Assistant Poetry Editor at Segullah Journal, although I've been mostly useless to them up to this point, which I plan to change. Next month I'll be teaching a poetry class called Fabulous Free Verse at the ANWA Northwest Writer's Retreat at Rosario Beach. This will be my third year at the retreat and I'm really excited about the new venue we'll be visiting.

Well, that's a little bit of an update--more soon :) Maybe even pictures!

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C Dawn's bucket said...

You are simply AMAZING! I've missed reading about your daily adventures. Thanks for being such a support and an example to me.