Thursday, September 6, 2007

More party plans

The box from Oriental Trading came today and we are so excited! I also recieved the Luau CD in the mail, and it sounds great! I checked out the Balloon Time 30 count at two stores yestersay while I ws out, and with the coupon I won on eBay, I will be able to get it for about $10! My original plan was to spend $20 at the grocery store for 22 balloons, but I realized we couldn't fit them in the car to transport them... this way we'll get more bang for our buck AND be able to blow them up on site! Afterwards we can gift them to other kids at the park :)

I ordered parrot stickers off eBay today as well for our "Pin the Parrot in the Nest" game. I will laminate them on card stock for the kids to use and have my husband (who is an artist), paint a tree with a nest in it on blank newsprint. We're going to limbo and do an octopus ring toss in a kiddie pool.

The chips and bottled water have been purchased - I tried to buy juice boxes too, but Costco was out! Totally and completely out of ALL juice boxes! I'm going to have to get them elsewhere as they won't be in for another ten days or so they said. This weekend I want to fill the pinata and the goodie bags, get the games squared away, wrap Princess' gifts and get the cake ordered. I love parties :) Planning, executing and attending!

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