Monday, July 21, 2008

Okay, so more and more of my friends have blogs, and tons of interesting other people have interesting blogs on which I lurk and blogger only allows for this too-small number of blogs and websites on the side over there. Hmpf. How am I supposed to pick my favorites??? Is there a way to add more that I just don't see? It doesn't SAY there is limit, it just won't let me add more. Right now it's full and I either have to start throwing people off, or, or, something else.

My gardening wiz neighbor came over yesterday to inspect the garden problems I have been having. Apparently my potatoes and tomatoes and peppers have blight and I need to act fast. I am not supposed to water them from the top anymore. How do I not water three huge beds with the sprinkler? It will take me hours each day to soak the beds by hand. He said I need to put copper on them or maybe it was fungicide. Or maybe copper is fungicide? Hmm. I will need to check that out. He thinks my pumpkins are not getting watered consistently and that is their problem. Sigh. I don't know that I can really pull this garden thing off this year.

Here is an idea I got from another blog--it's a survey of what's going on here today.

Outside my window: The sky is clear and cerulean with no clouds. My neighbor's dark purple clematis is in full bloom.

I am thinking: About my mom coming to visit this week and finally being able to knock off the prescription meds for the wisdom tooth pain.

I am thankful: For my garden which provided enough peas, strawberries and our first tomato to go with Princess' peanut butter sandwich for lunch today.

In my kitchen: Leftover chocolate cupcakes from the batch I made for my friend Deborah's birthday on Saturday. These are the very yummiest and have yogurt and pudding in them.

I am creating: An email reminding the ladies in my writing group that we meet this week, and my assignment piece of writing for the meeting.

I am working on: Laundry, listing some things on eBay, tidying the kids' room to move the blow up bed in for mom.

I am wearing: Dark blue jeans and a pale aqua Old Navy t-shirt from the "messy" stack in my closet (as my Mama Dress Code requires). NO SHOES.

I am reading: Started reading on Friday to my husband "Rendezvous with Rama" by Arthur C. Clarke. I listened to this on tape ten years ago and picked up a copy at Goodwill. It has been sitting on my shelf for ages. I was looking for something to read the other night and pulled this down and then thought how much my husband would enjoy it, so I just sat down in the office next to him and started reading. We are on chapter 8 now.

I am hearing: Bear fuss for me to get him up from his nap, Princess whispering to a toy about making it lunch and building it a house.

Out of the house: Bear had his first dental check up this morning. It went great and he had fun. The dentist said he has great teeth.

In my house: There are many messes.

I am enjoying: The breeze, the warm air and having to be anywhere else today.


Mom of 5 Gents said...

Try splitting up your favorite blogs into separate lists.

Sorry to hear about the gardening woes. Remember, to every thing there is a season, and this season you've learned valuable lessons for next season if nothing else. :)

PattyFergi said...

I love this post and how you formatted it! It was definitely an fun approach! Also, how cute are you and your hubby reading together! aww how sweet!

Jeremy Saunders said...

I agree with Patty, that's so sweet that you read to him. I think the only thing Jeremy and I have read out loud together is the scriptures, alas, I think we have different tastes in literature. I sure hope you don't try to keep up with all those blogs, I only go through a few, and spend way too much time as it is! Good luck!!!!!

Nay Family said...

Lara! Good to hear from you! I've enjoyed reading your blog! It's fun to see you doing things that remind me of our family. IE: Gardening...always having a book to read... LOL! Unfortunately, I don't get on my blog often enough because we live up in the mtns. and the DSL lines aren't out to us yet. BUT I just found out that my little meadow just got wireless internet so my world will be changing fast! woohoo! It's good to see you are well and happy! Keep in touch! p.s. I'm borrowing your little survey thing! Thanks!

Counsel Langley said...

the moon & stars cake is awesome! thanks for your kind comment Lara. And dancing at Kim&Joan's was one of the most precious bits of my childhood, a lovely connection :) nice to hear from you.