Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well, my mom's visit was great and Bear's party was as perfect as a party can get. I actually got everything done on my party to do list, my family was a great help with the slave labor aspects of the celebration and Baby Bear absolutely loved having the house filled with people who loved him! Frankly, I did too :) I managed to put together a scrapbook (my first clumsy attempt ever) of Bear's first year and I really like how it turned out. Here is the moon and stars cake I made (blueberry moon and strawberry stars). Stressful to make, but I'm quite proud of it now that it is all over!

Mom helped with some garden stuff and I have corn and peppers and amazing things out there right now folks--I'll take you some new photos this week!

Bear's been most happy the last few days because Saturday we took the baby gates down and he is now allowed to roam the ranch. This has resulted in taking Oscar the garbage can out to the garage to keep him out of it (the lid was no deterrent), replacing the spices back in the cupboard 4 times, putting the dishtowels back in the drawer 3 times (after removing the child from drawer), and being puzzled by the fact that the kitchen drawer latches that STILL keep his sister out of the butter knives are apparently useless in keeping him out of the butter knives. The kid has a long reach.

Last night I posted my first fanfic chapter since January! Yeah me! Close to 1800 words, so a little smaller than most, but it felt great and I was happy with it. I also have chapter eleven done and am started on chapter twelve. Maybe I can get back into the writing and reviewing groove and that will motivate me to work on more of my completely original fiction. I am plotting in my head for this year's NaNoWriMo. Or maybe even some new poetry, although I continue to feel unsettled about that these days. Should I try to be famous or just connect with the masses . . . that is the eternal question for me & poetry.

Today I was chewing pizza at lunch and I heard a loud cracking sound and a shooting pain in my jaw. I can't think this is good. Back to Dr. Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon on Thursday. Yuck.


Texasblu said...

Sorry to hear about the tooth... bummer!

I love your cake! TOO CUTE!!


where do you post your fanfic? I like doing mine on blogger, but I don't have enough readers telling me to "hurry up" - without them, it takes me FOREVER to post. :S

Can you believe I have FOUR stories started? I've really got to finish something. sigh. :P

Thanks for the invite, by the way. ;)

Mom of 3 Boys said...

Happy Birthday to the Bear! Wish we could have been there.

Lara said...

***** Thanks, Mom of 3 :) We wish you had been here too!

texasblu! I think it will be fun to play together at lilaguide! I post at fanfiction.net--my username is Halcyon Impulsion. I have at LEAST 4 stories in progress lol. I've only ever finished one :)

PattyFergi said...

The party was a hit! Thanks for having us! Will was definitely entertained by all and the balloon you gave us, kept him entertained for hours until it deflated so much that we has to throw it away!

The cake was amazing! sooooo yummy and in fact, thinking about it right now makes my mouth water!


Lara said...

*****Thanks Patty! So glad you guys could come--the cake itself is easy to make, so say the word and I'll find it for you :)