Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Treasure Hunt Day One Winner and My Tuesday

And the Day One winner of our Summer Treasure Hunt is Terry Fleming! Congratulations, Terry!

It was a long, hot day, which we gratefully spent at home. Breakfast, snack time, lunch, snack time, naps (sadly not for mommy), snack time, dinner, playing in the mud in the back yard (and the baby tracking it in for Daddy to clean up), baths, stories, favorite things and bedtime. Nice.

I got most of the laundry done today, caught up from the trip. I am down to a pair of canvas shoes, the bath mats, one whites/lights load and a pair of my husband's black socks which can't go in with any of the previously mentioned items.

I did good on my Most Important Stuff, better than I have lately anyway. Drank 64 ounces of water. Wrote 100 words. Wrote in my journal. Made dinner (melon, steamed broccoli, mac & cheese with hot dogs--hey, it's better than McDonald's right?). Still have high hopes for a 15 minute work out (just cleaned up the living room, which is the most important indicator of whether I will exercise or not) and a few minutes a scripture study.

Yesterday I drove the new van, who's name is Ruby Kke (not a typo, pronounced Kiki), around doing errands yesterday and totally felt like the captain of my own starship :) I think it is going to work, and the novelty of the doors opening and closing by themselves has not worn off yet!

Got to talk to my sister at length, who is now engaged and trying to navigate the bizarre seas of planning weddings that involve masses of bits and pieces of families, and budgets, and what everyone else wants her to do and what she wants to do. She's so adorable about it and I'm so glad that she's mine :)

We'll be taking the car, who's name is Sky Blue Kke (even though it is really sort of dark turquoise) to my sister's this weekend and I am excited to see my hometown--it has been almost 9 months since I was there last and I miss seeing my family and my growing-up place.

More tomorrow. You know I really signed up for this contest to force myself to blog every single freaking day for a month, right? I'm hoping it will form a habit :)

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