Friday, June 5, 2009

Winners of Day 3 & Day 4 and My Friday!

Okay! So I fell of the blog wagon yesterday. Sorry everyone.

Day 3--Debbie Lambson of Utah

Day 4--Gloria Lyons of Michigan

Woohoo! You ladies ROCK!

Cooler today. I planned to be home all day, but Craigslist called . . . Some transactions just don't go as well as you hope, and I ended up having to explain to Princess on the way home what the phrase "ripped off" means. Ah well.

We stopped at one yardsale too, and she got a transformer and I picked up a couple Gap boys shirts. They had a ton of baby clothes too, but they were all on a blanket on the ground (my absolute LEAST favorite way to peruse clothing), which still would not have deterred me except that their were fleas jumping all over the place! I could see them! I was creeped beyond belief! Needless to say, I said "no" to the stuffed animal requests and paid fast and high-tailed me kids to the car. Not to worry, the shirts I bought were on the other side of the yard, hanging on a rack, and owned by someone other than the baby clothing seller. Ew. Still feeling crawly.

Other than that, we had an Italian dinner, with more mini mozzarella ball excitement. I have these great olive tongs (mine are not as cute as those pictured), and I was using them for the cheese as they're just the right size. Baby Bear freaked out. He wanted the tongs. He wanted the tongs and the cheese. He did not want to eat the cheese with his fingers or with a fork, he wanted to eat the mini mozzarellas with the tongs. He climbed on the table and prostrated himself in his desire for the tongs. We gave him the tongs. He spent the next twenty minutes making us laugh into our napkins at the hilarity of this little kid trying to get the ball into the tongs, the tongs into his mouth, release the ball from the tongs and then attempting to extract the tongs (which were now sprung open) from his mouth and repeating the process.

Yay! Road trip tomorrow!!!

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