Saturday, February 23, 2008

February catch up

I so wanted to post more in February, but the month got away from me. The weather has finally turned warmer and the kids and I are getting out more these days, which is great. We all have miserable colds as of last night though, so sadly, I think church will have to wait another week.

Valentine's Day was nice. My husband remembered flowers and cards for the three of us & a big box of chocolate for mama. Packages came from both of my parents which included some junk food and lots of fun stuff for the kids. It was a pretty low-key day, and I made Princess a Valetine's Day lunch she loved of red anjou pears cut like a heart, red organic corn chips & a toasted, heart-shaped, almond butter and lingonberry jam sandwhich.

Princess choose the dinner menu: asparagus (which she'd only heard of), roasted turkey (okay so we did chicken since it is hard to find a whole turkey for a reasonable price in February), garlic mashed potatoes & gravy (my husband's favorite), caprese salad, more red pear slices, fresh rolls, and sparkling cranberry juice. It was all good, but the caprese salad was amazing--the ingredients were fresh and wonderful.

We also had cookies that we made and sent to my family from the recipe I posted in January. We did three varieties: cranberry with white chocolate, blueberry with milk & white chocolate, and chocolate caramel coconut pecan. We made 15 dozen and everyone we gave them to said nice things.

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