Friday, February 29, 2008

How many years ago was I engaged?

My husband asked me to marry him on Leap Day in 1996! We were married the following September and it has been an amazing twelve (yes 1-2) years. I've always been confused about how you count leap year days though. Votes? How many engagement anniversaries have I had? I want to do something special (since we don't get to celebrate it often) but haven't yet decided what to do. Maybe I'll make my husband's favorite comfort food: Hamburger Helper.

Our engagement story is silly. He spent the day pestering me, asking me continually if there was something I wanted to ask him. Finally, while he was at his desk studying and I was hanging out reading a book, he pounced and said he had a question for me...then he asked and I said yes :)

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Jen & Les said...

That's ADORABLE! And SO Steven!