Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.
-The Hausa of Nigeria
Well, we're all sick. Me and the baby bear have the worst of it and I feel bad for him if he feels like I do which is horrible. If my throat doesn't feel better by tomorrow I think I'll be heading in to the doctor. Cough, congestion, sore throat, general misery galore here.

Last night I used another Dream Dinner - fruit & nut stuff pork roast, and added baked potatoes, green beans and pears as a side. It was pretty good, but the stuffing was a bit stronger than I liked, even with a stuffy nose. I buy Dream Dinners when they send me a $20 off coupon and have a special "chef's treat" session where they do the assembly and all you do is pick it up. That sort of seems to be contrary to their point, which is for you to come make your own meals. I use about one per week and it is so nice to have a break from prep work and thinking about what to do next. It averages out to be about $15-$20 per 6 servings from them, but they are generous in size and they feed me, my husband and Princess for two meals, which makes the alternative on days when I am busy and/or tired (fast food) close to equal or more than the cost. This way, the meal is healthier and includes good leftovers! It is an indulgence of sorts...I don't typically make meals which cost quite that much, but I'm grateful for it!

Baby Bear is crawling! He has 2 teeth! He eats people food (more than just eating me even) and today I found him pulled up to his knees on the ottoman and trying to get a foot under him to push up. Won't be long I don't think!

Princess is in a serious questioning phase. I think she asked me in excess of 400 questions yesterday and that is not meant as an exaggeration. From "What does 'we' mean?" to "what are rocks made of". It exhausts me, but it's also delightfully amazing to see what she thinks about. Her questions are a window to her brain and it's a beautiful brain indeed.

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