Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friday = Blue (on Thursday)

Here is my final Week of Color post. Bear got one tooth on Saturday and one more on Wednesday!!!

Blue glass in the beach stuff jar in my bathroom.
Cute baby bunting Bear got for his first Christmas. Ready to pack away--it's too small.
Gorgeous vase dad gave me a couple years ago. Sits on the bookshelf in my room.
Love these shoes :)
Kid's couch from my childhood. I mean to replace the funky blue and rust 70's fabric at some point. Currently in Princess' room, where it is climbed on more than sat on.
One of my dad's paintings/collages--a Christmas gift. It's a tiny one, about 4" x 4".
Princess insisted I take a photo of her blue princess ring from McDonald's. Big rock :)
Chinese lanterns hanging in the kids' room. I got them at a gorgeous little store called Landlubber that went out of business.
We won this at a family reunion a few years ago. Princess looked over the goods up for auction (to support the Family Association) and decided she needed to have this. She adores it from afar as it sits on the high shelf in her room and we get it down for her sometimes.
Gorgeous little dress for this summer from (where else) eBay.
Great pot holder made by a lady named Wanda that my sister bought for me as a late birthday present at the festival in the next town over that we went to last Saturday. She chose one with bamboo.
Yes, I am a Nielsen Panelist! And I love it!
I got these bins at Bed Bath and Beyond on sale and tagged them with pictures so that Princess could tell where to put away her toys. Works like a charm for my husband too.
Blue bibs by Rosena. Rosena retired and I'm sad.

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