Saturday, April 19, 2008

I found a really cool website that allows you to print your blog in a bound book and it starts pretty inexpensively! I'd really like to try it and see how simple it is and how it turns out. I can see blogging as journalling to some extent and it would be neat to have them printed and bound and ready for posterity :)

Today was a slow day. We've been expecting snow and it didn't show. My husband went down to Seattle with youth from church as a chaperone so the kids and I really just did our regular sort of day. I decided to make chili for dinner because it's freezing and my husband really likes it, and I soaked beans and boiled them hard for ten minutes (4 times longer than the instructions instructed) and put them in the crock pot on high for 5 hours (twice as long as the insructions instruced for the stove top) and I just went to check it and make cornbread and the beans are CRUNCHY!!!! This is the second time (different recipes) that this has happened to me. I am sad. Now we will have to have it tomorrow, which is fine, but it means I have to baby sit it; wait tonight for it to be done and then wait for it to cool enough to not melt my refrigerator and curdle the yogurt and then dish it into enough small somethings to fit the double batch I made into the fridge. I dealing with chili messes at midnight! And now I have to find something else for dinner!

This week has been a good eBay week. I've listed more than two dozen items and one item--a serendipitous find--has 3 days left, 16 watchers and is up to $28 from the $1.99 I started it at! I paid less than $10 for this including the dry cleaning (probably cost close to $200 new). I'm thrilled.

[ldsmoms] Friday Five, 1/13/2006

1. You have one whole day to be completely alone (no phone, no computer, no kids, no car), what would you do?
Probably write. Work in my garden. Read a book.

2. Do you usually eat breakfast? What will/did you have this morning?
I try to eat something in the mornings. Sometimes I don't get to it. Today I had a Rich Chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast.

3. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh?
I was watching Eli Stone the other night and I can't remember now what was so funny, but something was. I was laughing hard. I haven't decided whether I will catch up with it next season if it's renewed, but it was a pretty good mid-season replacement and had a lot of redeeming points. Depends on if they clean it up a little or not.

4. How are you sitting at the computer right now? Shoes on? Dressed?
Jeans, cranberry reddish t-shirt, bare feet.

5. When was the last time you ate something and thought or said, "ooh, this is sooo good."
Last night. Dessert. Nutella and graham crackers. Divine. Which is not surprising since I just found out that the same people who make it make these--one of my all time favorite candies!


Jeremy Saunders said...

That is such a good find for the printable blog books. I am so excited. I have this fear of losing all my info over the net, and not being able to remember what I blogged about. I think I am going to do this. What a great gift idea as well! You are so tech-savvy. Thanks for the link. I had a friend who made $1,000 a month doing e-bay. I think to myself that I could do it, but somehow, I can't seem to get started. Good for you, a woman of so many talents.

Lara said...

>>>>> I'm not necessarily tech savvy, but I am good with Google :) Thanks for the note!