Saturday, April 26, 2008

We cannot endure to the end alone. It is important
that we help by lifting and strengthening one another.
- Elder Robert D. Hales

Today was one of those long days that start out one place and end up all over the road, taking you places you didn't really intend to go, and missing planned stops completely. Not a bad day, just a wiggly one.

I just went in to give the Bear another round of starters (wagon wheels, mum mums, & puffs) and heard the neighbors. This happens often as we live in one of those Mayberry-ish subdivisions where you're just a few feet from other people any way you breathe. The cool thing about this for us is that our neighbors are marvelous. In fact, they are one of the reasons we keep deciding not to move (even though our house is a little cramped these days). They are delightful people and have become good friends. And they ignore what they hear coming out our windows, which makes them pretty invaluable.

What I heard, was a dad-sound which meant "quick, she's getting away". I glanced out the window to see the buck naked 2 year old sprinting out the back door and then the mom take two strides and catch her like a child rustling pro, hoisting her back into the house. I love watching other people parent effectively and without mean-ness.

It's hard to find good neighbors and even harder to find ones that want to actually be friends and not just neighbors. Toni and I have borrowed enough eggs from one another over the years to make an omelet the size of Texas and our backyards are mutually inclusive when the weather gets warm. They were the ones we woke up to take Princess when I was in labor with the Baby Bear and they were the first non-family to see him since they brought her over in the morning to see her brother for the first time. We've seen each other through horrific pregnancies, miserable holidays and lots of joyful events and I'm grateful to know we have people we love and trust so close by. Toni and I are busy women and frankly, we don't get as much time to talk as we'd like to... but I'm so glad she's next door!


Laura said...

Haven't peeked at your blog in forever.... not sure why but several posts brought tears to my eyes in the way you wrote or the things I so can relate to... OH the life of a mom. Hey do you ever post pictures of your family? I would love to see one.... Hope all is well your way! ~ Laura

Wendy said...

I like that quote.
You are lucky to have such good neighbors.
Happy Monday to you too!

Lara said...

>>>>> Wendy--Thanks for stopping by!

Laura--I'll have to send you some photos since I don't put pictures of the kids online. I am glad you got something out of the posts! You just never know :) Thanks for stopping by!