Thursday, April 17, 2008

The way to a woman's heart...

March was a fun food month and sadly, I can find no photos of our annual St. Patrick's Day feast. I do have photos of some of the other fun stuff we made and ate though, so I thought I'd finally post them since I've been photo-less in my posting lately.

The first few here are mini pizzas on multi-grain English muffins. First is one is black olive and artichoke heart, the second is pineapple, pepperoni & green onions and feta, mushrooms and green onions and the third . Yum!

Next we have the results of the Massive All-Day Flower Pot Cake
Marathon that Princess and I had. I have these cake pans that are little flower pots and we made yellow cakes, frosted them with chocolate frosting and put crushed up Oreos on them. Then we dyed bamboo skewers green with food coloring, baked sugar cookies, colored vanilla frosting three different colors and added matching sprinkles, stuck the cookies on the sticks and stuck a stick in each pot. Princess asked about leaves, but frankly, the new had worn off me by that time. It was really fun and it reminded me why I love being home with my kids.

Here are the result of asking Princess what she wanted for dinner. She said she wanted flowers. So on the right you have melted ham and cheese sandwiches with bits of olive, bell pepper and mushroom at the centers. On the left, we have pineapple ring flowers with yogurt & black grape centers and fresh broccoli leaves. We got a lot of mileage this month out of the cookie cutter set I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond on sale before I even had a Princess to share my kitchen with!

These last two photos are from our trip to Idaho. I love Sonic.
It is my favorite fast food restaurant ever. I love their onion rings, their strawberry limeades, their mini banana splits, their barbecue toaster burgers... and the list goes on. I love that you can order a grilled cheese sandwich, a vanilla malt and tater tots. I love that the people wear roller skates to bring you the food. It's been two years since I was there . . . two long years with no Sonic. When we returned from spending our whole summer there a couple years back, Princess had grown so accustomed to eating there that she asked for it every single time that the opportunity to eat out presented itself. I had to tell her it was too far away for months before she believed me. Now, for the good news. THEY ARE BUILDING ME A SONIC IN THE NEXT TOWN OVER! JUST TEN MINUTES BY FREEWAY! Okay, so they don't actually know I care, but it nearly brought a tear to my eye when I heard. And the Cinnasnacks on the sign? They come with a little thingy of vanilla cream cheese frosting and they are fabulous.

Finally, I am going to try and do a little random daily creative and/or journal writing here. I'll either use a prompt from Night Writers or I'll go with a Friday Five or Question of the Day from ldsmoms. Anyone else who wants to use these can consider themselves tagged :)

[ldsmoms] Friday Five, 1/6/2006

1. How often does your family sit down together for meals?
Most nights. These days I have massage therapy appointments Monday & Wednesday nights, so that makes those evenings tight. I also have Night Writers every other Wednesday, but I try to have things ready early enough that we can eat together.

2. When was your last family vacation that was more than visiting relatives?
Hmmm. I don't think we've ever been on one. A few day trips, but never overnight. Been married 12 years though so maybe it's time!

3. Does your family sit together at church? Where do you usually sit?
Yes, we do. Although there are moments when I'd prefer to be sitting somewhere that didn't involve being slobbered on and whined at. We sit in close proximity to an exit so as not to disturb others when I remove my hollering children, preferably one on the side of the chapel with the Mother's Lounge on it so I don't have to walk all the way around the entire building to get to it.

4. Does your family like to play board games?
Princess would play them all day every day if we acquiesced to her requests. My husband and I like them fine, but they're not high on our list of wants these days.

5. If money were no object, where would you like to spend a week with your entire family? Someplace warm and fabulous. Maybe the Atlantis resort.

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