Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday = Green

I decided to take part in curious bird's challenge, A Week of Color. Today I wandered around my house looking for green. I found a lot of it since my husband and I both really like the color green in almost every variation. It was so fun! I woke up with it on my mind and automatically dressed us all in green :) Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard on this, but I figured this will reveal more bits of stuff about me, some of which you might actually find interesting. Don't worry, I have much less yellow stuff in my house.

First we have back yard photos. Ignore the monster grass. We have yet to find a reliable, reasonable, mowing service and we hate mowing. Still, we like grass and are not ready to move to lava rock and pea gravel. But I digress. This is a fabulous Safari park bench my mom got Princess a couple years back. We finally set it up this fall in time for it to get suitably weathered.
I think this might be potato sprouts!!!!!!!! I can not tell you how excited I am at this possibility. Please take a look at this photo and tell me that mine look enough like them to actually be potatoes. I planted mine (red, purple & yellow) on St. Patrick's day, as suggested and have been waiting and wondering and moaning in hopes of seeing some 'tater action.

These are my strawberry plants. The leaves are unfurling and there are even little flower buds! Beautimous!
Princess insisted I take this one. My mom sends the kids rubber ducks for every holiday so we have tons of them in cute little costumes in a rainbow of colors. This one I think I bought for the baby before he was born. We're a little bit rubber ducky obsessed in this house.

This is my bathroom. The walls are a dusky, pale aqua that I fall in love with again every time I see it. The bamboo actually came in a bouquet of flowers a few years back and it rooted in the vase and I didn't have the heart to throw it out. The fish, which also has a touch of green-ness to it was found 15 years ago at the beach in Chetzamoka Park.
This piece of pottery was the first original art my husband and I bought after we were married. It is by Ann Selberg and we loved both the color and the shape. We felt very grown up and sophisticated as we carried it home from the arts festival. It currently houses my collection of brightly colored pebbles.
I have a thing for dishes and I love to entertain with them. My extended family supports and encourages this by giving me more (than I could possibly ever use). Here a few of my favorite green pieces, and one of our green backed dining room chairs.

This is the Baby Bear. I tried to get a photo of the adorable overalls he is wearing today--they have green peas embroidered on the chest--but he just wanted the camera and thought we were playing a game. So I started to feed him lunch and choose this green batik turtle bib. He was mad about not being given the camera.

I love these shoes. I got them for Princess at an incredibly cheap close out discount from babystyle, which I discovered before Princess was born and I love dearly for kids clothing. When they put their basics on sale, I stock up, and occasionally something less-basic goes on a great sale too!
This is a new-for-summer eBay find for Princess. A frilly, girly, lime green dress of deliciousness. I love having kids to dress! Gives the cat a break.

My mother gave this deck prism to me about a dozen years ago for a special personal occasion. An explanation of what it is is here. She told me that she appreciated how, since the time I was born, it seemed to her that I reflected and magnified the light of the Universe, bringing light everywhere I went. There I times when I seriously doubt her assessment, but this is a tangible reminder of her love for me and her faith in me. I keep it on the bookshelf in bedroom in front of my poetry and writing books.
I decided several years ago to grow citrus in my home. Please, don't bother to tell me I am crazy or that it can't be done. I'm still hoping. This is the most successful plant I have. It is a lime tree and two years in a row I got blossoms on it! I am hoping this year we might make it happen too. The blue pot is one I painted myself.
Dressing boys is fun too! Baby bear has lots of green clothing, and here's a sampling of his green warm weather togs.

This is the office. The figurine was given to me by my Gram for my 11th birthday. I recently found it in a box of stuff and pulled it out to look at and keep her on my mind these days. Yes, I buy scotch tape by the dozen-box-pack. What can I say. I have a 4-year-old. The post-its on the bottom were given to me last month by my mom for my birthday. She got them at a Coldwater Creek retail store, but the only place I could find them online was here. You can also see a piece of the wall there--it's a soft apple-y green.
This is Princess's new raincoat, hanging in the hall. It is a Vintage Mousefeathers coat with old fashioned produce and flowers on it. I love it!
This is a framed photo of ballet dancers that my brother gave me for Christmas this last year and it sits on the back of the toilet in the guest/kid's bathroom. Most people have stopped giving me ballerina stuff, but my brother always manages to find something classy and sentimental.
When Princess was a baby, her nursery was decorated with Cecily Mary Barker's flower fairies. This was a bird feeder that my brother gave me for the nursery that originally had chains on it. I took them off and used it for all the little stuff that accumulates. It's the Sweet Pea Fairy's toes you see there in the background.
My dad gave Princess a set of these little German wood hen houses 2 Christmases ago and she loves them. The hens bobble up and down when you move their cage.

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