Monday, January 28, 2008

How much drool...

Can a keyboard take before it shorts out? I don't know the answer, but my guess is that I will find out in the next few months. Baby Bear is fascinated by the keyboard (an all other electronic devices, he got hysterical last night when I refused to hand over the TV remote), and anytime I am at the computer and holding him, he is right there trying to get me to let him suck on the space bar. Sometimes the only thing to do is chuckle at the amount of baby drool that ends up on me, but I suppose that's another post.

I've looked at's FAQ's and can't find the information I need to figure out how to keep the spacing consistent in my posts. Anyone who can save me from random formatting problems is welcome to drop me a line--it would be most appreciated!

Last week I started listing things on eBay again after a long absence. I revised my strategy as well, and as of this morning have bids and watcher and am feeling happy! I want to empty my house of clutter and make myself some money and frankly, I love eBay :)

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