Monday, January 21, 2008

Walk on the Beach

Today I asked Princess what she'd like to do for the day and she immediately said she'd like to go to the beach. My husband is home from work for Martin Luther King Day, so I left him home with Baby Bear, while Princess and I put on our rubber boots (mine are green with light green polka dots and hers are pink with flowers, stripes and molded rubber ribbons on the sides) and tromped off to a waterfront park with a smidgen of sand.

I took the camera and found myself fascinated by the way the water rushed over the pebbles in the surf and the few bits of bright seaweed and rocks against the bland grey/black/brown of the general rubble. Here are my favorite photos.

We found a deceased starfish floating at the water's edge and Princess was fascinated by it. On the way home she told me that it was missing its head. I asked if she was sure about that, and she was quiet for several minutes while she thought about it. Then she told me she was pretty sure that it hadn't lost its head because starfish "have heads that are part of themselves, so they can't come off". By the time we got home she was convinced that a shark nibbling on it had caused its demise.

The loot in Princess' smiley face bucket. I refused to let her take a full bucket home :)

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