Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I love quotes. I love concise pieces of wisdom that pack a punch. I've collected them for years now without having a good way to categorize, store, sort and search. I finally decided there must be somebody out there who needed a quote organizing system like me... someone who'd already created one, hopefully. After much searching I found this - the only issue being that I don't really want to spend $75 for it!
I was feeling really frustrated and then I remembered that years ago my husband had created a database for the names that I collect (yes, another strange hobby). It was a fairly simple process using a ready-made database product, so I asked him to do it again! It's not done yet, but it should allow me to add the entire text of the quote, filtering categories and the ability to do full text searches! I am so excited!
Today I need to finish putting away the holiday stuff, tidy the house, spend some time with my daughter and accomplish a couple of writing goals, so I'd better be off... but here are a few quotes to leave you with!
"Loyalty means nothing unless it has at its heart the absolute principle of self-sacrifice."-
- Woodrow T. Wilson
"The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right."
- Hannah Whitall Smith
"The poet's, the writer's duty is to write about these things which are important to the soul of man. It is his privilege to help man endure by reminding him of the courage and honor and hope and pride and compassion and pity and sacrifice which have been the glory of his past. The poet's voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help him endure and prevail." - William Faulkner

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MomOf5Gents said...

I compeltely and totally jealous about your quote database. Awesome! I'm glad your hubby can do that for you. :)